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When a topic as complex as vaccines becomes socially taboo, where do you go to talk about it? Join pediatrician Dr. Bob Sears and Melissa, mother and health freedom educator, on this informative journey where we will discuss everything from disease outbreaks to vaccine risks and side effects, the vaccine schedule, media hype, vaccine laws and controversies, and everything in between. Learn more at our non-profit website

Mar 11, 2019

Advocates for vaccine safety and informed consent are now under fire: Congressmen calling for a ban on “vaccine misinformation,” Facebook and Amazon and others censoring science, and a medical/pharma establishment funding it all. We discuss the multi-platform censorship that will affect what every American is allowed to see, and we read a powerful letter from Congressman Posey. We finish by looking at some reminders from past and present writers who remind us of why freedom of speech is so important.